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Our latest findings and insights on the issues that matter most in Philippines market.

Revolutionizing Automotive Lubricants in SEA

Automotive & Mobility

Revolutionizing Automotive Lubricants in SEA: Steering Towards a Sustainable Future

The evolution of automotive lubricants in Southeast Asia (SEA) is underpinned by a fusion of technological advancements and shifting market dynamics. Digitalization, in particular, has emerged as a cornerstone, enabling companies to enhance their operations, streamline supply chains, and offer personalized customer experiences. These technological strides are complemented by the growing emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly products, pushing the development of advanced synthetic lubricants that offer superior performance and lesser environmental impact.

27 Apr 2024 Read more
Drivers and Barriers for MaaS in Southeast Asia

Automotive & Mobility

Exploring Drivers and Barriers for MaaS in Southeast Asia

Navigating MaaS development in Southeast Asia, overcoming barriers, and leveraging key drivers are vital for a seamless and sustainable mobility future.

27 Mar 2024 Read more
SEA halal key player

Consumer & Retail

Key Players in the SEA’s Halal Industry

Driven by key players, the halal industry in Southeast Asia is experiencing significant growth.

18 Mar 2024 Read more
SEA aviation 2


The Transformative Benefits of Smart Airport Solutions in Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia's aviation sector is adopting smart airport solutions, with digitalization playing a central role.

15 Feb 2024 Read more
Food Manufacturing Industry in the Philippines

Consumer & Retail

Unveiling the Flavorful Landscape of the Food Manufacturing Industry in the Philippines

The food manufacturing industry in the Philippines has contributed to the nation’s economy and culture, especially in regional cuisines. Find out how it impacted the food production sector.

15 May 2023 Read more
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