market assessment in steel products
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Multi-Sector Market Assessment in Steel Products

12 May 2020 | Philippines

Providing Comprehensive Multi-Sector Market Assessment


Providing comprehensive multi-sector market assessment for adjacency opportunities in steel products.


Our client was a European steel product fabricator, with a limited presence in the Asia Pacific. The client has no presence in the Philippines, and they are aware that their premium positioned products are unlikely to be competitive in the domestic market.

market assessment in steel products


YCP Solidiance provided market insights to explore opportunities for the client to enter the market by developing end-to-end solutions for the construction and infrastructure sectors, and introducing adjacent products that can command a higher margin.


The engagement team conducted a detailed deep dive into the current market size of these segments, including an analysis of the potential and attractiveness. Our analysis also included detailed data points on the volume and value of steel products consumed in various types of infrastructure, in order to derive a clear conclusion for the Client's market entry decision. The team conducted numerous face to face interviews in the Philippines, with stakeholders across the value chain of each customer segment. We also analyzed import/export data based on several different HS Codes, to understand how competitive is the local market and whether imported products from lower-cost countries played a major role in influencing prices.

Engagement ROI

The final conclusion presented a low potential opportunity for the Client, and based on this, we advised them not to enter the market.

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